19 maj 2011

Bloggers' meeting

Once again I’m ashamed of not writing for so long. I had 2 professional trainings, I’m also dedicated to my 2 volunteer jobs. And of course I work every day and try to enjoy the springtime in Warsaw. I’m never bored!

I would like to thank Kolin for the invitation to the Warsaw bloggers’ meeting which took place on the 7th of May. I met great people who I’d known only from the internet. Thank you for a warm welcome, I felt really nice.

Meet Brad who writes for Polandian

Meet Damien

Meet Kolin

Meet Michael

Meet Mike

Meet Paddy

Meet Pan Steeva

Meet Scatts

Meet Bartek who is Polish and writes in English

Damien motivated me to write about the Polish certificate exams what I will do soon, I promise/obiecuję!

4 komentarze:

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you as well Paulina, I always enjoying reading your thoughts and insights. Paddy

  2. Same here Paulina. Hope to see you at the next event also!