31 maj 2011

Strawberry season!

Going to a market (in Polish targ or bazar) is a real pleasure now. Fruits and vegetables smell wonderfully, the weather is perfect. What I especially recommend you to buy are white and green asparagus (szparagi), young cabbage (kapusta) and of course strawberries (truskawki)! There are so many ways of eating strawberries… I love them with white cheese for breakfast, with pasta or rice for lunch, sauté or in a cake or sorbet for dessert…

Even if you speak no Polish, asking for truskawki should be very easy.
„Proszę kilo / pół kilo / dwa kilo” – that’s it!

Today a very easy recipe for a summer lunch! Great for children and adults. Don’t worry about the exact amounts.

We need:

any kind of pasta or rice you like – makaron albo ryż dowolny

sour or sweet cream you like (can be 10% of fat, can be 36%), milk or yoghurt also fine – śmietana / mleko / jogurt

strawberries – truskawki

sugar, if you need (vanilla sugar – a Northeastern European specialty is also perfect) – cukier (cukier wanilinowy)

Boil pasta and mash strawberries with sugar (or not if you count calories). You can use a blender, a potato masher or just a fork. Once again product placement:

Then mix it and smacznego :))

What are your recipes with strawberries? Would you like to have my perfect fruit cake recipe?

3 komentarze:

  1. My partner is Polish so we are fortunate enough to experience two cultures, she is also a big tennis fan and as Wimbledon is on and we have strawberries in the garden, she's been going native recently!

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