7 cze 2011

Do you know Polska?

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced a new website promoting the Polish culture. Do you know Polska? is “a visual and interactive dictionary of slang terms that describe Poland as seen by the young generation of Poles”. Firstly, I though “great!”. But is it?

Who is a target of this website? Probably young people who learn Polish and/or speak it quite well. Somebody who is completely uninterested in our language won’t memorize these strange slang words. Now there aren’t many of them but the website is being developed. Everybody can add a word or a photo – please do it:) These slang terms are really used now, the only one I’ve never heard is “ale beka”. I find these quizzes rather controversial because it’s not always clear what the authors had in mind. I didn't get 100%;)

What I really like are the funny photos. They show different aspects of Poland and illustrate explained words. The whole idea is amusing and maybe this website can show Poland as a “cool country”. What do you think about it? I would like to know your opinion. Does it make sense or the ministry is spending our money in vain?

4 komentarze:

  1. More information is available at Wirtualna Polska. I can't help that think that adult politicians are unlikely to provide a successful format for young people, but it would be nice to be wrong.

  2. I had also been wondering about the target. As young foreigner speaking/having learnt Polish, I didn't really see the point.
    The page is in English, so it could at seems to be aimed at people who don't speak Polish (yet?). But I suspect that such people would be more interested in some sort of Kung-Fu/Survival Polish than such specific slang terms.
    I enjoyed the French accented guy reading the definitions, though ;-)

    PS: I don't know what it's like now, but 3 years ago "Ale Beka" was quite popular in the trojmiasto region. I've definitely heard it quite a lot.

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