13 sie 2011

Holidays on the Polish seaside

This year I decided to spend my summer holidays in Poland. For a few years I’d gone abroad looking for 100% perfect weather and a warm sea. These two reasons can spoil holidays on the Polish seaside. And they do ;) During my holidays the temperature was around 15 degrees C, water – maybe a bit more. Because of the rain you can’t lay on the beach (Polish beaches are beautiful and wide!), so people go sightseeing or eat/drink. The first option is very positive but the second one not exactly...

Usually people from Warsaw go to województwo pomorskie (with cities like Gdańsk, Sopot, Władysławowo, Jastrzębia Góra or Łeba – all nice) because it’s closer. I wanted to see new places, so I’d chosen województwo zachodniopomorskie. I went to very small Bobolin near Darłowo.

I prefer to avoid crowds and I hate shops with kitsch souvenirs (these in Poland are really kitsch) so the smaller place the better for me. I only wanted to relax and enjoy the severe beauty of the Baltic Sea...

Because of the constant rain it wasn’t possible to read on the beach. I visited Ustka, Kołobrzeg, Koszalin, Mielno, Darłowo, Słupsk... I wasn't overwhelmed by the beauty of these places. My winner is USTKA with renovated Prussian rustic architecture. In Kołobrzeg you will find some old urban architecture but unfortunately buildings from the PRL period and from the 90’s spoil the view.

Only the last day of my holidays was really sunny and I could get a tan.

The key word on the Polish beach isn’t PARASOL. It’s PARAWAN! Usually it’s windy so you should protect yourself. You can have 1, 2 or 3... BTW I’m always astonished how people really like to be in a crowd.

What can you eat on the Polish seaside? Of course kebab and pizza! Don’t! Try Baltic fish! My favourite and the cheapest is FLĄDRA. DORSZ is also recommendable. Below no flądra – a big mistake!

But on the main square in Darłowo you can find... :)

About the accommodation – next time...

8 komentarzy:

  1. Dear Paulina,

    "at the seaside" or "by the seaside" , not "on the seaside", which is a direct translation from Polish.
    "Holiday" (singular) not "holidays" because it refers to one holiday - a direct translation from Polish as well.


  2. You can fish Dorsz at the Polish sea?
    Todo Polonia

  3. Thanks Ben, unfortunately I often translate directly.

    Todo Polonia - yes, you can!

  4. We are a Spaniard family living in the USA since the last two years, but in a month we will go to work to Lodz. We have two kids, 10 and 13 years old and we are looking for an English school. Do you thinkit 's possible find a good school for the 6 and 8 grade this year??? Thank you

  5. Merce, I found these two:

    If you have more questions about the life in Poland, feel free to ask!

    All the best! Paulina

  6. Thank you Paulina!!
    Tomorrow morning I'll make some calls.
    We are in contact, I'll follow your Blog, it's amazing!!

    Take care, bye!

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