25 wrz 2011

Polish parliamentary election 2011

On the 9th of October we will vote for 460 new posłowie i posłanki (members of Sejm - the lower chamber) and 100 senatorowie and senatorki (members of Senat). For me this is the most important election ever because I'm running for office! For a few months I’ve been a volunteer in a new party Ruch Palikota and I became one of the candidates on the Warsaw’s list (list number 4, me on the 8th place). What I do every day during the campaign you will find on my website, there’s also my political programme. My party receives more and more support and I’m very optimistic.

More in English about me and Ruch Palikota on Cogo - a portal on Central and Eastern European Matters.

I encourage all Poles living abroad to vote! You all choose candidates from Warsaw’s lists.

Check Ruch Palikota.