4 gru 2011

Polish sexuality 2011

As maybe some of you know I’m a volunteer sex educator (no practice, just the theory!) and I work for young people. I’m very interested in human sexuality and today I would like to comment the recent study on Polish sexuality done by a famous professor Zbigniew Izdebski and TNS OBOP. It’s a big project and many results are not published yet. I also wrote a short article about this report in Polish.

Professor asked 3206 people (mostly heterosexual) about their sexual behaviour. In all poles like this most people (68%) are happy with their sex life. We should ask what exactly does it mean for them, especially when for 63% of men and 50% of women sex is important. 71% have sex at least once a week – not so bad!

Do people lie? Especially in this kind of poll they probably tell what they think they are expected to. On average Poles have 4,5 sexual partner in the whole life. Really? Only 30% of women declare that they masturbate – it’s still a huge taboo in Poland. For sure the one reason is Church which considers masturbation as pure evil. But Poles are not so religious as you may think. The Church is present everywhere but only 4% of people connect sex with sin.

52% tried oral sex (more than before) and 15% anal sex.

21% of men and 12% of women admit they cheated. What is interesting the relationship remained the same. According to the report Polish women look for something else because they feel bored with their partners.

51% of men i 31% of women think that a woman HAS TO satisfy her partner. Patriarchal patterns persist!

Only 9% of Poles have ever done a HIV test. HIV isn’t VERY dangerous in Poland but for sure the situation will be worse. In Eastern Europe and Middle Asia the number of infected is growing very fast!

66% of Poles use condoms. Hormonal contraception is still not very popular. 21% think that a withdrawal is a contraception method!

Only 25% of Poles consider homosexuality as normal. 35% would like to cure it!

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  1. what about marriage, cohabitation, single parenthood, divorce and homosexuality? What's the legal status on these issues and how liberal is society with regard to them?

    1. Age of consent in Poland is 15.
      Civil unions don't exist, neither for hetero- nor homosexual couples.
      Society has a really conservative attitude towards to sexual minorities, but it is getting more liberal nowadays, especially female students or more educated people in general (at school or at work), even if those live in villages; but these sociable in villages tend to be very intolerant.
      The law doesn't consider marriage as a marriage of two natural persons, yet more than 18 yo man and more than 18 (or 16) woman.
      Divorce is ex gratia, but it may sometimes cause some overlong judicative-ways.

  2. Oh sorry I didn't see that last sentence! This is a really interesting article by the way, and I'm interested because I have to know about Polish society for an A Level exam.
    So do only few people admit to homosexuality? It's illegal, right?

  3. I don't think it's illegal as there are gay pride parades in Warsaw. But it's definitely dangerous.

  4. Homosexuality isn't illegal, we have parades not only in Warsaw. Homo- and heterosexuals have no rights regarding civic partnerships.

    It's still a taboo. Even celebrities don't want to talk about their homosexuality. Is it dangerous? At school maybe, children aren't tolerant. But it all depends on the environment. In Warsaw there are gay friendly places and it's not hidden. We have the first "open" gay in the parliament - Robert Biedroń.

    I promise to write about marriage, cohabitation, single parenthood and divorce.

  5. Any data about how many Poles identify themselves as homosexual? Or about heterosexuals who have homosexual experiences?

  6. It would be difficult to find the exact data. How many people define themselves like this?

    More about LGBTQ community in Poland you will find here: http://world.kph.org.pl/?lang=en

  7. Found it. Apparently the numbers are about 2% gay, 3% bi-sexual.


  8. I thought you asked in general. This is only one poll, it doesn't reflect the situation in the whole population.

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  9. I don't mean to be difficult, but now you seem to have introduced a new problem. If it doesn't reflect the whole population, then why say "9% of Poles," "66% of Poles," etc?

    So I ran the sample size through an online statistical inference calculator. For a population of 38 million, a sample size of 3206, gives a confidence interval of 1.73 at a confidence level of 95%. In plainer English, there is a 95% chance that the answers are correct within a margin of error of 1.73%. So assuming a random sample, the survey is most likely representative. Otherwise the professor would not have bothered, I guess.

  10. Sure, according to this survey it's true. But for example would you count men who would never said they are gay and have sex with men? Probably many people haven't heard the world "gay". Many old people in Poland still don't know what exactly does a "homosexual" mean.

  11. Yes, I'm sure you're right about that. Reminds me of something I heard on a BBC radio documentary recently about gay people in China. Apparently the label is not the hard part. One man described his conversation: "Mom, I'm gay." "OK, so when are you getting married?" :-)

    Thanks for the post.

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