1 gru 2014

5 years of Perfect Polish!

I established my school on the 1st of December 2009. It makes me so happy and proud to still work here :-)! I would like to thank to all of my fantastic students. You gave me a lot of wonderful moments and unforgettable lessons. I became friends with many of you. Many of you went abroad but still send me wishes. I’m grateful to go to work with pleasure every day. Thank you for choosing me and my teachers. Dziękuję!!       

24 mar 2014


I am so happy that my old posts are useful for you, thank you for visiting!
I continue to have my favourite job as a teacher of Polish. I am still a volunteer in a NGO and a political party.
I put news about Poland both in Polish and English on facebook, I hope you also find it interesting. If there's something that you would like to know about Polish and Poland, please write me, I will answer with pleasure.